A Doctor in the Court of the King of Nepal

I labored to decipher the pidgin English until I at last understood that the King of Nepal wanted me, Dr. Itzhak Kronzon of the Bronx Municipal Hospital, to come to his royal court.

Off The Page: Our Psychedelic Minibreak

Erin Cherry reads “Our Psychedelic Minibreak,” a story by Sunny Teich


I am back with the ‘who’ of me, the self I left behind through the seasons of my years. The ultimate prize is this reconciliation with the original, unvarnished self.

Off The Page: A Midnight Encounter

Ryan Duncan reads “A Midnight Encounter,” an essay by Mark Zimmerman

Tethered to the Body

There is only illness, and there is no way to make that sexy. After several years as a medical device wearer, I know.

By My Own Hand

Mental anguish can be as unruly as any terminal illness. It can, unfortunately, orchestrate its own end.


For many years I refused to be an exile, claiming that I am an immigrant, someone who chose to move to a new country voluntarily.

The Only Fat Man in Lascahobas

Georges, the owner of St. Gabriel’s Funeral Enterprise, is the only fat man in Lascahobas.

Lone Wolf

‘That’s just how he is, our dear doctor,’ people would say, and by this would they meant that it was this very energy that had sent him to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin as a member of Iceland’s water polo team, and later to escape from occupied Denmark on a leaky old fishing boat